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who i was, from the start

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who i was, from the start | who i was, in the end 

Normally, Yoona would have been frightened by the rumbling thunder but a different noise was filling her ears, blocking out all other sounds as she moved closer to Yuri.

"I need you, don’t you get that? I need you because I don’t have anyone else like you but then you come and tell me you’re going to Europe for the whole summer and it’s amazing Yuri, it really is and I’m happy for you but—" Yoona didn’t know how else to put it; selfish or not, she couldn’t help what she felt, "I need you. What am I supposed to do without you?"

Yuri knew there wasn’t anything she could say to comfort Yoona. This was beyond words. She filled the distance between them with her arms, bringing Yoona as close as she could, sealing spaces and gaps until there was absolutely nothing between them.

"I love you," Yuri said, her lips brushing against Yoona’s ear and hair. "I love you so much."

When Yoona’s shoulders began to shake, Yuri hugged her tighter, ignoring the roaring skies above them, their warning calls lost on either girl.

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You can be my mistake. You can be the mistake I make over and over again and I won’t care if I ever learn from it.
by Tiffany 

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who i was, from the start | that hateful kind of love 

Jessica returned to peeling her tangerine, her crossed leg swinging happily. She hummed the song playing on her mp3 player and ate a slice, just as Tiffany clacked back to the bar.

"That was a supply closet!"

"Oops." There was nothing that showed Jessica was even a tiny bit remorseful for misdirecting Tiffany. "My mistake."

Worse than being ignored, Tiffany hated being played for a fool. Her hand slid down the bar to the bowl of peanuts. A flick of her finger and the bowl, and its contents, toppled and spilled over Jessica’s pristine bar.

"Oops, my mistake."

Tiffany sauntered away and all Jessica could do was gape at the mess she’d have to clean.

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bleedsoshi: Omg thank you so much for the Nell songs!!!! Yes, it made me re-read WIWFTS while listening to the soundtrack <333 it was perfect. All my WIWFTS feelings came back 10x stronger. Made me fall in love with this fic all over again :) Thank youuu <3

I’m glad it did, Nell songs have this power to make you feel mixed emotions. 

WIWFTS for the win.